What is UCMAS?

UCMAS is a unique scientifically-proven program, which is structured and proven to be the best to develop not only the mental skills of children, but also the full potential of the human brain.

The program is designed for children and young people between the ages of 4 and 12 years, to develop their latent mental power at an age when brain development is reaching its peak.

Learning UCMAS metal arithmetic helps children develop all round abilities such as concentration, observation, memory, visualization & imagination.

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How does the brain work?

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right. They are both similar in shape, but are different in their functions. The left side of the brain controls: language, logic, numbers, analysis, sequence, mathematics, words of songs, facts and computations that’s why it is referred to as digital brain. The right brain controls three-dimensional senses, imagination, feelings, creativity, and artistic senses so it is referred to as analog brain. Both sides should work together at the same time, but this is not the case for most people. Scientific research claims that a very small percentage of people use their right brain and those who use it are bound to excel in their careers.

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What is the relationship between the brain and UCMAS?

The basic function of Abacus Mental Arithmetic is to turn the numeric concepts from abstract into visible, touchable and movable beads. Simply put, UCMAS uses the Abacus, which is a tool that was found 2000 years ago, and is a universally accepted manual gadget for solving arithmetic functions.

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The Abacus consists of beads, which can be moved up and down to give a specific number. Therefore, the child’s brain will pick up the image of the bead and processes its value (Number Transformation). It will also be able to pick up the number and convert it to the image it should have of the beads (Beads Interpretation).

The purpose of learning UCMAS is to evade the usage of abacus during the calculation/reckoning process (in an advanced level) by simply interpreting the beads in mind. Beads visualization is instructed by the subconscious mind and gradually forms the image memory.

How does UCMAS work?

Mental Arithmetic is calculation that depends purely on the power of the brain, without the use of pencil and paper, calculator, any other gadget or electronic device. So a UCMAS child will be able to simply calculate any mathematical calculation in his/her head without any help and without writing the problem. At UCMAS, specially trained teachers guide groups of students on two hands method of handling the Abacus, by using both hands to manipulate the Abacus beads, ensuring stimulation of both the left and right sides of the brain. The combination of touch, movement and numerical concept is the initial focus.

Within the first few weeks, our students learn how to read the abacus numbers and practice simple calculations on it. In parallel to Abacus learning, students receive trainings to develop their mental and fine motor skills like concentration, listening, observation, fingering and speed writing.

Continuous training throughout few weeks the students’ mind will gain the ability to calculate without the need of a real Abacus, solely depending in their imagination as they develop the ability to retrieve the correct result of the calculation using a "Mental Abacus" which is an imaginary or a virtual device! With time students will learn to perform all four mathematical (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), using the Abacus in a very fast and accurate manner.

For example, UCMAS trained children can mentally add 10 columns of 12 digit numbers within 30 seconds normally, while a normal adult won't be able to even read the numbers in one minute.

The students’ mental abilities will keep growing through continuous practice. 

What are the benefits of UCMAS?

UCMAS mental arithmetic has proven to enhance the following:

  • Photographic memory: concept of thinking in pictures helps the child to excel not only in arithmetic but also in all subjects.
  • Listening skills: regular practice of oral calculations using Abacus improves listening skills.
  • Concentration levels: UCMAS methodology develops excellent attentiveness in children and thus improves their concentration exponentially.
  • Comprehension: simplification of complex arithmetic process using Abacus and flash cards makes it easy for a child to understand.
  • Imagination: at a specific stage in this learning process, the Abacus is withdrawn from the children and they work with an imaginary Abacus. This sharpens the imagination power of the child.
  • Creativity: This concept aims at right brain development. Research shows that the artistic brain is inventive, resourceful and inspirational.
  • Self reliance: Students at such a tender age are free from calculators, computers and such modern gadgets thereby becoming self-reliant.
  • Self confidence: students with enhanced skills certainly feel better and more confident.
  • Speed and accuracy: This program is all about speed and accuracy through regular practice. As the child moves along the levels of the program consistency, speed and accuracy improves.
  • Academic proficiency: UCMAS will increase the learning ability, writing skills, endurance, logic and discovery since the love and ability to learn are being nurtured in early years.

 Course structure:

Learners’ levels

Pre-school children

Age 4-7

Basic addition, subtraction with and without

using abacus.Learning games and activities and

manipulating beads.

Primary children

Age 8-12

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and

division with and without using

Abacus.Vizualization, listening, speed calculation.

Entry requirements

Pre-school children aged between 4 and 12

Certifying Authorities

UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Academy in collaboration with the China Zhusuan Association

Medium of instruction



UCMAS Academy of Mental Arithmetic, in collaboration with the China Zhusuan Association, will organize international abacus and mental arithmetic grading examinations once a year. In addition, national and international level competitions are conducted every year.

*Note that each term is 24 hours training spread into 12 classes within 3 months period.


UCMAS levels: 

UMCAS has two level sets, according to the children’s age which are:

Regular stream (8 to 12 years):

  1. Basic
  2. Elementary A
  3. Elementary B
  4. Intermediate A
  5. Intermediate B
  6. Higher A
  7. Higher B
  8. Advance
  9. Grand A
  10. Grand B


Junior stream (4 to 7 years):

  1. juniors1
  2. juniors 2
  3. juniors 3
  4. juniors 4
  5. Elementary B
  6. Intermediate A
  7. Intermediate B
  8. Higher A
  9. Higher B
  10. Advance

UCMAS around the world

UCMAS is not only avaiable in U.A.E. only, but it is also available in over 40 different countries as shown in the picture below:



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