DinoArt Online


Get in touch with us to register your child now in the newly offered online DinoArt course!


Available for children from 6 - 14 years


Children start with us to complete the first level within "Foundation Level", where they start to learn:

  • Various art themes and techniques Areas of learning
  • Expansion of ideas, compositions, Drawing & coloring techniques using art medium Colour Pencils and Oil Pastels.
  • Toning; Merging: Layering and blending of colors; Scrubbing technique.
  • The technique of highlighting to give 3D effect and cast a shadow; 2 Dimensional (2D) Imaging.
  • Create Volume and bring images to life.


In addtion, children will also be introduced to simple paper craft and basic clay shapes and character's modeling!

Upon completion of level one, children can proceed to the next levels as per the program setup

New DinoArt Course Online!


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DinoArt Online

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